Monday, May 7, 2007

Love and HappinessLove and Happiness

Love is not something that increases and decreases- it forever remains the same in the heart!

This is the truest love of all. How can it be called love if it increases and decreases? The Gnani’s love is such that it never increases or decreases. That is the kind of love the Gnani has for the whole world. That love is the divine Soul.

True love does not exist between two people. If it existed, people would never separate. The love that you see in the world is an opportunistic love. How can you call that love? It is all infatuation. Real love is without infatuation.

Worldly love increases and decreases all the time! People’s love fluctuates even for their children and family. It fluctuates even for themselves! Sometimes they think they look attractive when they look in the mirror and at other times they do not like what they see. On certain days if the food is not prepared according to his liking, the ‘loving’ husband throws tantrums and tells his wife that she is incompetent and that she cannot do anything right! When love is with infatuation, it is always reactionary. The wife in turn becomes upset and he carries on being awkward. The two will stay aloof from each other for a while and while they are apart their ‘love’ will again grow for one another. Then the same love will collide again and the conflicts will start anew. Love does not arise through any practice; it is a natural thing.

In true love a person will never see faults in his wife or his children and yet how many faults do people see? Where is the love that you talk about when you criticize your wife? True love is not to be found anywhere. There is no dwesh (abhorrence) behind true love.

Of what use is this gold ring if tomorrow it starts to tarnish and look like brass? The gold should always look like gold, only then can one call it gold. That is why people do not make do with rolled gold. They do not pay eighteen hundred rupees per tola (unit of weight) for rolled gold. No, they pay for the real gold!

So what is the definition of true love? True love remains constant whether the person shrouds you with affection or insults you. Instead the love people have increases towards those who put them on a pedestal and diminishes when people provoke them. Love should not be so. If it wavers, it cannot be called love.

A man who has been away from his wife for a long time will want to be with her all the time. Today he may enjoy her company but if she tells him that he is a nuisance, it will be the end of that! If on the other hand you were to repeatedly call a Gnani Purush a nuisance, it would not affect him in the least because the Gnani Purush knows the precise science behind speech. Only the Gnani Purush has an unwavering love. If one experiences such a love, one would be blessed. If such a love arose within each of us, there would be no need for anything. The value is all in love!

Gnani's do not get flattered. Nothing in this world can give happiness to the Gnani Purush except your love, because he is the only one that has the purest of love. Besides this love, he has nothing else to offer. It is with this love that he is bound to this world and people are affected by it because it benefits them. You can only see such a love when God or a Gnani Purush is around.

The love that you will see in a Gnani Purush is the purest love; it is the love of the Divine Soul (Parmatma). It is the love of only the divine soul and nothing else. The pure love you see in the Gnani is the love that is visible and that love does not increase or decrease. It remains constant. That is the Divine Soul, the overtly manifest Divine. Knowledge is the subtle Divine Soul is clearly visible and knowledge (Gnan) is the subtle Divine Soul (shukshma parmatma). Therefore you do not have to look for the Divine Soul anywhere else. Elsewhere there is only infatuation (aasakti). The love that does not increase or decrease is the Divine Soul.